Welcome to the ECC's scheduling system To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. Appointments for Spring 2021 begin February 1. If you would like to make an appointment but are not seeing an open spot that fits your availability, email and we will do our best to match you with a consultant at a time that works for you. At the ECC, students meet with peer consultants for one-on-one help with all phases of presentation preparation and delivery, including but not limited to Selecting a topic Preparing an outline Designing slides Practicing delivery Managing anxiety The content of every session is different because consultants focus on students’ individual needs. In-person, virtual, and small group appointments available In-person appointments. Arrive at Wallace Library, room 2550 at your scheduled appointment time. A consultant will greet you and show you where to sit/stand to ensure social distancing. All chairs and surfaces are sanitized between appointments. Masks (covering nose and mouth) are required for all consultants and clients. Virtual individual appointments. To join a virtual appointment, shortly before your appointment time, log in to, click on your appointment, and then select the red 'start or join online consultation' link. Small group appointments. Because of social distancing guidelines, in-person group appointments are temporarily unavailable. However, small groups may schedule virtual appointments. To do this, have one group member make the appointment. On the appointment intake form, they must select the "group" option and provide the emails of the other group members. A Zoom meeting join link will be emailed to the group members. *If you require interpreting services, please make interpreting requests through Access Services. We also currently have one undergraduate peer consultant (Cayla) on staff who is conversationally fluent in ASL. Deaf or hard-of-hearing students interested in working with Cayla but not able to meet during her scheduled hours (or if her appointment times are booked), please email with your availability. Contact: Elizabeth Reeves O'Connor, ECC Director/


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